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PARC - Online Testing Session Email for appointment! If full contact us for a session.

Date: Jun 30, 2020 (Tue)
Time: 4:30pm CDT
Contact: KJ4PJE
Test fee: $15.00
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VEC: American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

This exam session is locked to Amateur Extras only. If you are trying to take an Amateur Extra Exam, contact us at vetesting@yahoo.com and we will set up an exam for you to test.

We understand several are trying to test before the end of the month and we want to help you make that happen. If this exam is full please contact us at: vetesting.wix.com/parc Thank you.

This is not the test date for the exam. This is only for you to contact and request an exam to be conducted within the next ten days. Do not register on hamstudy for this exam, only email for a time and date, we will send you a link to an unpublished hamstudy registration by separate email.