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North Richland Hills ARC Online Test Session

Date: Jan 26, 2021 (Tue)
Time: 6:30pm CST
Duration: 2 hours
Contact: W5HP
Test fee: $14.00
Location: Online session - see session notes

Before you register: You will need a PC or MAC with a webcam & microphone. Stable internet connection. Room clear of any posters, pictures, papers. Zoom, have the ability to share your screen during the test. (Must download/use the Zoom application on your PC/MAC, using a web browser will not work) Before the test you will need to be able to show the VE team that the room is clear of anything that can be used while you test. If you have dual monitors you will need to unplug the 2nd monitor before the test starts. Once the test starts you can not leave the room, nor can anyone enter the room until the test is finished.

After you register: Please send the $14.00 test fee via Zelle to lt.martin@att.net, or via Venmo or PayPal to lt-martin@att.net. I prefer Zelle or Venmo as they don't charge a fee. If PayPal is all you can do that is fine. Please include your call sign (if you have one) and your PIN you receive when you register in the notes field.

Slots available: 4 / 4 slots claimed
This session is full!