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Anchorage ARC On Line Exam Sessions -- PLEASE READ THE NOTES FOR INSTRUCTIONS !!!!

Date: Dec 22, 2021 (Wed)
Time: 10:30am PST
Duration: an hour
Exam Team: W1JD: W1JD Exam Team
Test Fee: $15.00
Location: Online session - see session notes
VEC: Anchorage Amateur Radio Club


You will receive an e-mail with instructions to complete your examination agreement form and an opportunity to make a donation to the Anchorage ARC. PLEASE DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO LOCK IN YOUR SEAT.
Ignore any instructions that suggest a “fee” is required. Only donations are suggested.

If you do NOT receive the e-mail with instructions, you may click here to get to the page with instructions.

Slots available: 2 / 2 slots claimed
This session is full!