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WØJS - FORX ARC Hamfest Exam

Apr 30, 2022 (Sat)
9:00-10:30am CDT
Test Fee:
219 20th St NE, East Grand Forks, MN 56721, USA
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American Radio Relay League (ARRL-VEC)
Slots available:
no limit set
Notes from the team:

Test session will be held in the classroom to the east of the main building. This is the same room where the ARRL forum will be held at 11:00.

Pre-registration is encouraged to ensure applicants have their Federal Registration Number (FRN) and https://ham.study account before the exam.

Fee is $15 (cash preferred) for the ARRL. Successful candidates will be contacted by the FCC to pay the $35 application fee if not upgrading their license within their enrollment period.