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The Final Countdown p/b MORE Project

Jun 22, 2022 (Wed)
7:00-8:30pm EDT
Test Fee:
Remote session - see session notes
Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group
Slots available:
7 / 11 slots claimed
Notes from the team:

(The Final Countdown refers to this session being one of your last chances to take a Technician exam with the current question pool before the new one comes on 1 July.)

Greetings! Welcome to your amateur radio licence exam session registration. We are excited to get you licensed or upgraded. Below are some housekeeping items we need to go over.

Fees (or lack thereof)

For those affiliated with the MORE Project, they will cover all applicable fees, so ignore the fee section above and below (unless you fall under GLAARG's own fee waiver categories).

Everyone else, if you fall under GLAARG's own fee waiver category of under-18, student, military, veteran, first responder or GLAARG VE upgrading to Extra, please let me (Charlie) know. Otherwise, you will need to pay the session fee (select K3CL session manager and session ID 6031) before being allowed to sit for the exam.

For new licences, the FCC will send you a bill for their $35 once the session is processed on their end. Please do the thing within ten days else your application gets dismissed. We can refile after that, but due to logistical challenges, would rather avoid such scenarios.


All applications require a personal (not business) FRN; you can get one during registration if you do not have one. The FCC requires that all information is kept current (especially if they need to contact you). Students with school emails, you may want to use a different email in case your school email gets deactivated after some time. There is no restriction on the type of mailing address, as long as it is located in the US and you can receive mail there.

You will receive further information, particularly connection info and a reminder to pay the testing fee if applicable, either in your registration confirmation or separately.

Session participation

All classes of exams are offered in the following order: Technician, General, Amateur Extra. Please make sure you study for the correct element(s)/level(s), as it is not permitted to take them out of sequence. More than one exam per session is allowed. To increase chances of success, please ensure that you have viewed every single question in the pool(s) you are studying for at least once. All are allowed one retest on examiner discretion, charged at the same rate as the initial registration.

Since this is a remote exam, we need to adequately monitor you and your testing environment. We will use Zoom for this, so please familiarise or review features and settings, particularly screen sharing.

  • We prefer using a desktop or laptop with working webcam, microphone and speakers. Headphones, earbuds, etc are not allowed. If you absolutely need to use a mobile device, we can work with it, but please let us know.
  • You may use another device with camera to show us your environment if your primary device is difficult to move, not movable or outputs insufficient graphical depth.
  • You will need to show us some ID on camera.
  • The exam itself is accessed through a web browser. Please use a modern one of your choice.
  • Make sure your testing environment is one that you are comfortable in, that you can guarantee no one else will enter for the duration and free of distractions, notes, study material, gullible written on the ceiling, etc. Please close any computer programs that pop notifications or may serve as distractions as well.
  • You may use a calculator and one sheet of scratch paper in either physical or computer form. Both must be clear.
  • Please try to keep yourself focused on the exam. We would rather not have to ask why you were staring in space for five minutes.

Most importantly, please study the material well! We are all pulling for you to succeed!


Don't hesitate to reach out to me at cil5339[at]psu[dot]edu