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RHARC Technician Class

Nov 06, 2022 (Sun)
1:00-2:00pm PST
RHARC: Rio Hondo Amateur Radio Club
Test Fee:
13200 Penn St., Whittier, CA 90602
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Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group
Slots available:
2 / 10 slots claimed
Notes from the team:

This exam session is targeted to those who are participating in the Rio Hondo Amateur Radio Club license class, of which this exam session is a part and is being held in the Whittier Police Department EOC. Class participants are given priority in filling available exam slots, initially listed as 5 available, but may be adjusted up or down as class enrollments are counted. The start time of the exam is approximate.

We will make every effort to accommodate others who are not participating in the class on a secondary basis. Please do not register at this time, but rather bookmark this page and email Rick WM6M as shown on this page for status.

As explained in class, exams are administered by a VE team from the GLAARG VEC. While the faces may be familiar, there is no actual relationship between GLAARG and the RHARC. Therefore, the fee charged by GLAARG is payable directly to them, and must be paid prior to the exam. If the fee is not paid prior to the exam and somehow the exam is administered, the results will not be submitted to the FCC until the fee is paid. Exam fees are waived for certain minors and fulltime students. And GLAARG VEs upgrading to Extra. All others are $10.