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Upcoming sessions with Laurel ARC, Inc

Showing sessions from 2021-11-23 to 2022-01-23
Dec 04, 2021 (Sat)
9:00am CST NWAL Exam Team (In-PERSON!)
(no limit)
Florence, AL (map) FREE! AI4QC
Dec 05, 2021 (Sun)
9:00am MST Patriot VE Team (Masonic Lodge)
(18 slots remaining)
Denver, CO (map) FREE! W0PCT
Dec 10, 2021 (Fri)
6:00pm CST Wichita ARC Free Exam IN PERSON
(13 slots remaining)
Wichita, KS (map) FREE! K0PER
Dec 12, 2021 (Sun)
2:00pm MST Bullets Both Ways/w Patriot VE Team
(8 slots remaining)
Englewood, CO (map) FREE! W0PCT
Dec 16, 2021 (Thu)
7:00pm EST Monthly Exam Session
(6 slots remaining)
Belvidere, NJ (map) FREE! WC2FD
Dec 19, 2021 (Sun)
9:00am MST American Legion Post 82 w/Patriot VE Team
(10 slots remaining)
Elizabeth, CO (map) FREE! W0PCT
Jan 22, 2022 (Sat)
1:00pm MST January Ham Cram session
(no limit)
Nampa, ID (map) FREE! K7SWI